PTA Reflections Art Contest 2018 - "Heroes Around Me"
 Congratulations to the top finishers of the PTA's Reflections art contest and program!
Thank you contestants for the many creative and inspiring entries this year! A reception celebrating all participants will be held in January. Listed below are the winners of each category:
Primary: Risha M. 1st Place, Brandon L.  2nd Place, Kara L. 3rd Place, Melody W. Honorable Mention 
Intermediate: Michelle C. 1st Place, Kevin M. 2nd Place, Elsa J. 3rd Place, Isabella K. Honorable Mention
Primary: Brandon L.  1st Place, Milo K. 2nd Place, Peter K. 3rd Place
Intermediate: Angel S. 1st Place, Eugenia K. 2nd Place, Tiffany L. 3rd Place, Tessa Q. Honorable Mention 
Intermediate: Sarah Q. 1st Place,  Charlie M. 2nd Place , Alexandra L. 3rd Place
Primary: Nicholas R.  1st Place               
Intermediate: Luca M. 1st Place, Katelyn R. 2nd Place, Kevin M. 3rd Place, Sarah Q. Honorable Mention
Primary: Brandon L. 1st Place, Peter K. 2nd Place
Intermediate: Kevin M. 1st Place, Tiffany L. 2nd Place, Eugenia K. 3rd Place