Keep in touch with families and stay connected!

We have a new directory service provider called Membership Toolkit. All families who add their new family info and returning families who confirm their info will receive free access to the online directory or via the Membership Toolkit app.  There are privacy settings for families to determine the information they want included/excluded in the directory. Unconfirmed families and new families who do not add their info will not have access to the online directory. Printed directories can be ordered via the online order form, but first please take a moment to complete the relevant steps below to ensure that your information will be included in the directory. We want as many families as possible to participate. Thank you for your patience as we transition to a new directory service provider. Please direct and questions/issues to



Please add your family and student information to our LCE Directory by visiting and clicking on “Register>>Login” and following the prompts to “Create Account.” Please make sure you confirm the information you want included in the directory. Thank you!


Your participation in adding your family info is greatly appreciated. If you do not add your info you will not be included in the online directory. Having contact info in the directory allows others to contact you for playdates and school related activities. Non-returning TK families will have their info deleted in kindergarten. Please visit Click on “Register>>Login” and follow the prompts to “Create Account.” Please make sure you confirm the information you wanted included in the directory. Thank you! 


Please note that your information migrated with the new directory service provider, but it is important for you to review and confirm your information, including what information you would like to include in the directory. The link to the new directory is If you have a link to MySchoolAnywhere, you can login with the same username/password and you will be automatically directed to where you can login with the same username/password. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Register” within the Membership Toolkit website and you can reset it by clicking on “I forgot my password.” Thank you for updating and confirming your information!

Please note: All new families and returning families must complete the signup or confirmation process by 11:59pm, Sunday, September 8, 2019.