LCE Carline- Please take note of these important rules!




  • Please be knowledgeable about the approved drop off routes which are posted on the LCE PTA website
  • Please have your child ready before you pull up, with backpacks ready to go.
  • Pull forward as far as possible in the pick-up/drop-off areas AND keep pulling forward in order to fill in the gaps.
  • Please do not cut into the line at any time, even if there is a large space. 
  • There are no drop off allowed in the crosswalks or the staff parking lot
  • Never leave your car in the loading zone during any of the drop-off/pick-up times (8:10, 9:10, 11:50, 1:50, 2:50 and 4:00)
  • Consider putting your car in park while your child is exiting the car. 
  • Look in front of you before exiting the line. 


  • Do not place items in the trunk for your children to remove.


  • Drivers should not exit their car at any time. 
  • If your children require extra assistance, you should wait and pull to the very front of the carline, or park and walk them into school.
  • Students should enter and exit on the passenger side of the vehicle only.
  • Do not park across the street and motion to your child to cross or send them across the street to school.
  • No U turns.
  • Please put away your cell phones during carline.
  • Please consider parking and walking to pick up or drop off your kids. This can actually be much faster for pick up.
Please remember "Safety Above Convenience!" 
The carline volunteers are fellow caring parents who want to help.  For more information or to volunteer to help us out please contact