As you consider volunteering your time, efforts and financial support to LCE PTA, here are just some things that our children would not have if it weren’t for our PTA’s fundraising efforts:

  • The 2 copiers and RISO machine in the office which are used by the teachers and staff every day
  • Technology advancement including new laptops, projectors for the classroom and the cafeteria, mobile laptop cart with printers which go from class to class, document cameras, new printers
  • Instructional Supplies: all the construction paper, glue, staples, laminating machine and materials, the die cut machine, clay, used by all the teachers in our classrooms and our staff in the office
  • Health office band aids and supplies
  • Playground purchases including new balls, jump ropes and other games and activities as well as recently resurfacing the playground itself
  • New Library Books and instructional supplies
  • Computer Lab software and ink cartridges
  • Teacher discretionary funds to purchase materials for classroom projects and activities as well as funds to support the technology maintenance and repairs in the classroom


Here are some programs that our school would be without:

  • Spelling Bee
  • Multi-Cultural Days
  • Science Exploration
  • Art Appreciation Week
  • Nutrition Week
  • Art Docent Program
  • Assemblies
  • Academic Coaching to enrich our student’s chorus and 6th grade council
  • Reading Intervention
  • Lions Pride Points Incentive Program encouraging good behavior in school
  • School wide aides


LCE PTA is requested to contribute approximately $100,000 annually to the school to cover the above mentioned programs and expenses. As you know, the money is collected one fundraiser at a time and is made possible by your generosity. Please consider supporting our school with your financial contributions and your time! Our children and their future depend on it.