Carline Drop Off/Pickup
We welcome back the hybrid upper grades of LCE! Both carlines are now operating for students. But there are some key differences for families to remember.
For the most part, younger students will continue to use the Encinas side and older students will enter/exit by the LCB side. Recently, families of the hybrid 4th - 6th grades received an email explaining drop off/pickup procedures. 
As a refresher for all LCE families:


  • All grades (K-6) can use either side -- either the Encinas Dr or the La Canada Blvd (LCB) side. The exception to this is TK.*
    • Please remember to have your screener code/app ready or you will have to answer multiple health protocol questions.
    • This applies to both carline and walkers.
  • Encinas side: TK-3rd grade carline and walkers. (Students will continue to use assigned numbers).
    • 4th-6th grade students with younger siblings (in grades TK-3) should use the Encinas side-- grouped together with the younger sibling's assigned number.
  • LCB side: 4th - 6th grade carline. (Students' names will be called).
    • Siblings (in the 4th-6th grades) should be together and ready when their names are called. 
  • 4th - 6th grade walkers can leave school by either side.
If an exception is needed, please contact the main office at (818) 952-8350 or email Principal Blaney.